Delivery Information

For select items, we offer an Estimated Delivery Date during checkout. An Estimated Delivery Date is a calculation of several factors, including item availability, processing time in our warehouse, the shipping method you select and the shipping destination. When we can accurately calculate Estimated Delivery Dates, we'll provide them to you during checkout, as well as in your Order Confirmation email and in the My Account section on the website. Please note that Estimated Delivery Dates are estimates only, and are not guaranteed. Also, if using our Pay in Store payment option, shipping is dependent upon your payment in full at the store. A good rule of thumb is to add 2 additional days if using that option.

The delivery time for your order depends on the shipping method you select. We offer several different shipping methods. The choices available depend on:

1) The item(s) purchased.
2) The in-stock availability of the product.
3) The destination address.

Each shipping method has its own restrictions and charges that will be applied to your order. This is based upon a simple calculation of order processing time and actual shipping time in business days. Please note that business days are Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays within the China or Russian Federation.

Calculating estimated shipping dates is based on several factors, including your destination address and how quickly we can obtain and assemble items for your shipment (the "usually ships within" time is listed on a product's detail page to help you gauge how quickly we can ship your order out).


Delivery methods

1) EMS Russian Post

Maximum shipment weight is 30 kg.

The estimated date of delivery in some countries:

Country Estimated Delivery Date, days
To the country Within the country
Armenia 2-3 1-3
Australia 3-5 1-8
Austria 2-3 1-3
Belgium 3-4 1-4
Canada 4-5 2-7
Croatia 2-3 1-4
Cyprus 2-4 1-2
Czech Republic 1-3 1-3
Denmark 2-4 1-4
Estonia 2-4 1-3
Finland 2-4 1-4
France 2-4 1-6
Germany 2-3 1-2
Greece 2-4 1-4
Hungary 2-3 1-4
Iceland 3-5 1-3
Ireland 3-5 1-2
Israel 2-4 1-5
Italy 2-4 1-4
Japan 3-4 1-2
Latvia 1-3 1-3
Lithuania 2-3 1-6
Netherlands 3-4 1-2
New Zealand 4-5 1-4
Norway 3-4 1-5
Poland 1-3 1-3
Portugal 2-4 1-5
Republic of Korea 3-5 1-4
Romania 2-3 1-3
Serbia 2-4 1-3
Slovak Republic 3-4 1-4
Slovenia 2-4 1-4
Spain 3-4 1-5
Sweden 2-4 1-2
Switzerland 1-3 1-3
Turkey 2-3 1-2
United Kingdom 2-4 1-7
United States 3-4 1-3